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Friends Friday Fun Podcast

Penny Lee Prevost

Positive Attitude Zone Talk time with friends, exploring the power of investing in experiences through respectful relationships.
Why let others down just follow through on what you say you will do says my guest Leo Dumas. May 20, 2022 Episode artwork Learn how to overcome worry, my partner Liz shares her wisdom on our 1st episode of season 2!May 13, 2022 Episode artwork #52 Just RAW heart to heart with the Wealthy Yogini, Jacqueline RichardsMay 06, 2022 Episode artwork #51 Finding purpose in conversations of collaborations my guest Geoff Goyette shares. May 05, 2022 Episode artwork #50 One key to happiness is the community we choose to live inMay 05, 2022 Episode artwork #49 Community drives Catherine's passion as a Chocolatier and ArtisanApril 22, 2022 Episode artwork #48 Focus On Compliments to Fill the Hearts Of StrangersMarch 27, 2022 Episode artwork #47 Better Decisions with Body Sensory Communication. March 27, 2022 Episode artwork #46 Time for sanity managing communication tools says my guest Nicole Labelle. March 25, 2022 Episode artwork #45 Respecting evolution of communication developments with Gary GoyetteMarch 16, 2022 Episode artwork #44 Moving through a scary change with 3 simple steps. March 11, 2022 Episode artwork #43 Inspired by minimalism, blogger Julie shares her retirement commitment.February 28, 2022 Episode artwork #42 Loyalty and dedication leads to success in business says my guest Bob GoyetteFebruary 18, 2022 Episode artwork #41 Heart felt collaborative success recipe with my guest Liz M RaymondFebruary 18, 2022 Episode artwork #40 Collaboration as a mirrored skills technique to fast forward results with my guest Paula Cowan. February 06, 2022 Episode artwork #39 Abigail Goyette is happy collaborating to make others happy. February 04, 2022 Episode artwork #38 Building a book club community conversation with Liz. January 28, 2022 Episode artwork #37 "Bring your authentic self to your community" says my guest Kareen Aristide.January 20, 2022 Episode artwork #36 Special guest Jacob Goyette shares the value of community learning from neighbours to coaches in sports. January 14, 2022 Episode artwork #35 Happy New Year!!! Body Management = Better Body Language with my guest Liz M Raymond. January 07, 2022 Episode artwork #34 HAPPY NEW YEAR! Boomers Talk show host Merri Macartney says "Don't Die Before Your Dead"December 31, 2021 Episode artwork #33 Merry Christmas - B.A.N.K. investing in effective communication for 2022?December 31, 2021 Episode artwork #32 Guest Liz Raymond has several aha moments of learning today!December 31, 2021 Episode artwork #31 Marlene Cameron shares her commitment to her solo walk of the Camino de SantiagoDecember 11, 2021 Episode artwork #30 My 10 year Big Give commitment + 9 signs indicating someone may have commitment issues. December 10, 2021 Episode artwork