Friends Friday Fun Podcast

"Consider Passion When Asking of Others"

January 27, 2023 Penny Lee Prevost Season 2 Episode 38
Friends Friday Fun Podcast
"Consider Passion When Asking of Others"
Show Notes

What a wonderful young woman I had the privilege of speaking with on this episode about the 1st C for Success. Lucy is a committed individual to her passions and to her friends. She shares some great insight on living your best life now in this 1st episode of the series of 4 Cs For Success. Enjoy her fun joke to wrap up your week.

Lucy Hollander is a  15 years old who is currently in grade 10 at Colonel By Secondary School.  She likes to listen to music, water colour and plays on her soccer team in her free time. She absolutely loves to play Dungeons & Dragons with her friends on the weekend and at school, she always loves to talk about more ideas for the campaign. At school, shes part of the IB Diploma Program, which seems like she’d prefer science or math, but her favourite subjects in school are English, art, history and Spanish. I lives at home with my father, mother, two brothers and my adorable little cat, Luna.

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