Friends Friday Fun Podcast

"The Most Valuable Gift Bestowed On Mankind"

January 13, 2023 Penny Lee Prevost Season 2 Episode 36
Friends Friday Fun Podcast
"The Most Valuable Gift Bestowed On Mankind"
Show Notes

This man has some powerful thoughts for you to ponder, that's for sure.
What a wonderful conversation Rahul and I had around the 4th C For Success.....Collaboration.  Learn from this MBA financial wizard why "collaboration has been so dear to him for his whole life."  He surprised me when he revealed which one of his favourite toys could also be a powerful weapon.  Then wrap up your week in a fun way with his fun JAB "Joke" he shares.  Lots of good fun and great lessons in this episode with my friend Rahul Ahuja.

Rahul Ahuja, is a Community Builder helping families with their Financial needs and Diversified Investment Strategies. He has 2 main passions: number crunching and helping people. As a young professional he understood the value of money. His human-centric approach has enabled him in helping his clients protect their income and generate wealth. Unlock the Power of time and Unleash the Value of dollars.

Rahul Ahuja, Landed for Success VIP Member

Financial Planning | Risk Management | Investment Intelligence | Portfolio Design | Wealth Management | TFSA Strategist | HNW Asset Management | Community Builder

 "I strongly believe that everybody deserves good advice and I want to ensure everybody has access to the right Financial Plan for their lives."

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