Friends Friday Fun Podcast

Collaborating In University Is A Must To Succeed!

January 05, 2023 Penny Lee Prevost Season 2 Episode 35
Friends Friday Fun Podcast
Collaborating In University Is A Must To Succeed!
Show Notes

Happy New Year 2023! What a fun conversation with this amazing young woman, Audree Brisson.  She says that setting yourself up for success is easily done through collaborations. This young woman has been making a difference in her community through collaborations with many organizations since she was only 8 years old.  Leading by example with an optimistic view, her parents have encouraged Audree to focus and work together collaboratively in order to achieve success in many areas of her life. Her love of animals and socializing is portrayed well with her wrap up joke. Welcome new collaborations to meet goals and stay focused on the big goals ahead celebrating small success steps along the way.

Audree Brisson is 17 years old and grew up in the village of Embrun. She is now studying nursing at the University of Ottawa. She has been involved with many organizations throughout her high school years such as 4-H, la FESFO (french student organization) and her school board. She has completed over 100 hours of community service in Embrun and Russel with the Optimist Club, 4-H and the Centre de santé communautaire de l'Estrie. During the pandemic, She worked in a retirement home and at the Embrun Veterinary Hospital.

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