Friends Friday Fun Podcast

"Relations Are Gods Gifts To Self Awareness" says my guest Helen Terry

November 25, 2022 Penny Lee Prevost Season 2 Episode 24
Friends Friday Fun Podcast
"Relations Are Gods Gifts To Self Awareness" says my guest Helen Terry
Show Notes

How fun it was to speak with my guest Helen Terry, Nia Technique Black Belt Trainer on this episode.  Helen is an amazing person to speak with about Collaboration.  We discuss her 2022 statement "Collaborating with the inevitable".  This powerful statement has created lots of talk at Soma Ranch this year, listen in to learn why collaboration is so valuable.  How fitting a title "Relations Are Gods Gifts To Self Awareness" a statement from the Blue Belt Nia Training.....when it is through Collaborations that we learn more about ourselves.  We had a blast talking about many things from becoming a traveling hippie to being a magician when it comes to our love language. There is so much great information Helen shares in this episode, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did in Collaborating with her to create it.  Her fun joke will give you a giggle to wrap up your week and step into the weekend to enjoy with family and friends.

Helen has been helping people love their bodies and lives through Nia Technique since 1993. As one of the top lead international Nia Teacher trainers, Helen travels the world offering classes, special events and trainings. Helen has a special, and very effective, way of catering to the unique needs of each individual. She helps folks feel great while giving them the skills they need. 

Recognized by Origins Magazine as a "Top Inspirer in Texas", Helen is multi-talented with a magical formula. She combines experience and knowledge with determination and faith, to consciously create and bring ideas to life.

Helen founded NiaMoves Houston in 1996, a successful Nia fitness studio in Houston. Helen now co-owns Soma Ranch Retreat, Montgomery, Texas with her husband Joe


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