Friends Friday Fun Podcast

How A Friendly Voice Increases Value In Community with Kelly Dumas.

July 24, 2022 Penny Lee Prevost Season 2 Episode 9
Friends Friday Fun Podcast
How A Friendly Voice Increases Value In Community with Kelly Dumas.
Show Notes

We had so much fun discussing the value that "A Friendly Voice" has in our community.  Not only a community service offered but how YOU as an individual can impact the seniors in your own community with a simple check in and a live personal chat.  Kelly shares how some of their call ins have no one to even wish them a Happy Birthday.  Fill your heart with this woman's wise words to really impact your community in a positive way.  Wrap up your week with Kelly's great "Doctor" joke she brings to the episode to move into your weekend in a fun way. 

Kelly Dumas is the Executive Director of Rural Ottawa South Support Services (ROSSS), a community support services agency that serves seniors and adults with disabilities in rural Ottawa South. Kelly is a passionate advocate for the unique needs of seniors and adults with disabilities who wish to remain in their rural communities. Kelly and the staff at ROSSS were inspired by their day to day work with isolated seniors to develop a province-wide service to combat the epidemic of loneliness. In 2018, the team at ROSSS launched A Friendly Voice, a telephone line for Ontario seniors who are lonely and would benefit from speaking with a friendly, caring volunteer. The phone line has grown significantly over the last four years, especially during the pandemic, with volunteers taking thousands of calls a year from lonely and isolated seniors. Kelly is the mother of 4 boys and together with her husband Robin, takes great pleasure in all the fun and chaos that comes with raising 4 boys.

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