Friends Friday Fun Podcast

"The future is in our youth" my guest Alain Cayer shares.

May 27, 2022 Penny Lee Prevost Season 2 Episode 3
Friends Friday Fun Podcast
"The future is in our youth" my guest Alain Cayer shares.
Show Notes

In this episode Alain Cayer, a General with the Knight of Columbus has observed the value in the next generation over the years he has served his community through the organization. Find out how his father influenced him with the value of commitment. Alain says he does not have the "Magic Recipe" for commitment but does have a great view of potential to influence our next generation in a positive way.  Alain is a devoted husband and father of 4 daughters and 2 grand-children. He is an avid  golfer and shares a great joke to wrap up your week in a fun way. Enjoy!

Alain Cayer has worked in many careers, from being raised on a dairy farm, managing a Seniors non for-profit housing to owning a garden center and to now a Director of training and recruiting of the Knights of Columbus. With Sheryl his wife, and four daughters and 2 grandchildren, they love spending time together as a family and other times in taking in sports. With the Knights of Columbus, Alain travels Canada helping over 1700 local councils with his staff of 7. Thanks to his kids his conversion to virtual was useful. 

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