Friends Friday Fun Podcast

#52 Just RAW heart to heart with the Wealthy Yogini, Jacqueline Richards

May 06, 2022 Penny Lee Prevost Season 1 Episode 52
Friends Friday Fun Podcast
#52 Just RAW heart to heart with the Wealthy Yogini, Jacqueline Richards
Show Notes

Jacqueline and I have a blast in this final episode of season 1. WOW SEASON 1 IS DONE!  THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR THE AMAZING EXPERIENCES SHARED.

What a wonderful conversation we have around  the 4 th C for Success. Jacqueline is full of the most amazing stores. Enjoy the powerful collaborative experiences this Wealthy YOGINI has had.
I decided to leave this one as is and not edit it. With my commitment to complete this project, time was a factor when I invested time in person with friends today for Friends Friday Fun Potluck IN PERSON!!! YIPEE!!  I hope you enjoy wrapping up your week in a fun way with us today! THANK YOU FOR TUNING IN!!! HUGS!!!

Jacqueline believes in participating in leadership and supports women in business as a proud participant in the Prime Ministers Task Force on Female Entrepreneurs. A past co-chair of Canadian Women in Communication (NCR) now WCT, past Chair of the Eastern Ottawa Chamber of Commerce, and Ottawa Chamber of Commerce Board Director. Continue as a participating member for Women's Business Network and Serendipity Group Jacqueline is also an accomplished international speaker and founder of Non-Di$clo$ure$ MasterMind Group.

Her book, ”Yoga For Your Personal Finances, Practical and Spiritual Solutions for Financial Health” is a blending of yoga, chakras, and wealth solutions key to enriching physical well-being, personal wealth, goals, and dreams.  Joining 29 women with life journeys to share, she co-authored, “Ruby Red Shoes-Empowering Stories on Relationships, Intuition and Purpose”.

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