Friends Friday Fun Podcast

#50 One key to happiness is the community we choose to live in

May 05, 2022 Penny Lee Prevost Season 1 Episode 50
Friends Friday Fun Podcast
#50 One key to happiness is the community we choose to live in
Show Notes

My guest and business partner,  Liz and I  had a blast on this episode summarizing the impact we have had working together on this podcast. Our conversations are always a surprise to where they lead. Often AhHa moments results and this one is no different. The PAZ Talk card question Liz answers got her a little choked up when reality hit home by vocalizing her answer.  I invite you to reflect on this episode's question and write down the answer in a journal and give yourself some credit recognizing the ripple effect we all have on those closest to us. Oh and the joke Liz shared was so funny a must listen..

Enjoy my friends and do please reach out to me to communicate. I would love to know how this podcast fits into your life.

Liz M Raymond is ….

Single mom of 2 grown sons

Serial entrepreneur

Professional Business Organizer

An accounting professional with 30 years in the field

Champion of women


Liz loves to help women entrepreneurs gain economic independence through business financial literacy. Connecting the dots between the businesses they birthed and the money systems that get them there. Especially single mompreneurs! 

The message she is on a mission to share is… “You have a choice, whether you choose to do or don’t do, the choice is yours. It all begins from within.”

Commit to yourself and become the best version of you at GradUit Thrivers, Stepping Stones For Success with Liz M Raymond and Penny Lee Prevost.

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