Friends Friday Fun Podcast

#49 Community drives Catherine's passion as a Chocolatier and Artisan

April 22, 2022 Penny Lee Prevost Season 1 Episode 49
Friends Friday Fun Podcast
#49 Community drives Catherine's passion as a Chocolatier and Artisan
Show Notes

Chocolatier, Catherine ten Den and I have been living in the same community of Limoges for over 29 years and only met this past year!  In this fun episode we discover the magical talents this amazing lady has from Chocolatier for over 40 years to her 50 year crafting passion that fuelled Thomas Treasures. Catherine knows that success without community support can be a challenge. "Having a community is very, very important and it is comprised of several different aspects."  Being valued by community is what drives her father-in-law who is now 105!  WOW!  Let's enjoy wrapping up your week with Catherine's yummy joke.

Catherine's first love was working with fibres of all kinds. Anything she has done since has continued that love in some form or another.  In 1995 she produced a commissioned piece for the National Capital Commission, in commemoration of Dutch Princess Beatrix’ birth in Ottawa during the war.

Thomas Treasures has been in business for over 50 years and includes designing/dressmaking, fabric crafts (artisan bears, fabric art, etc.), miniatures, woodworking, felting, spinning, weaving, painting and a list just too long to go on. Website is

For the past few years she has been conducting classes in doll making, bear making, miniatures, sewing, designing and needlework. Classes are custom designed to suit the students, be it a group or an individual. Out of town clients often stay in the museum while attending the workshops.

Catherines's other business is Fine Chocolates by Catherine (Who doesn't love chocolate) which specializes in Belgian chocolate and anything that contains chocolate as well as a wide variety of baked items from bread to cake to whatever your imagination can come up with.  A thriving business for close to 50 years now. 

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