Friends Friday Fun Podcast

#48 Focus On Compliments to Fill the Hearts Of Strangers

March 27, 2022 Penny Lee Prevost Season 1 Episode 48
Friends Friday Fun Podcast
#48 Focus On Compliments to Fill the Hearts Of Strangers
Show Notes

In this episode we have fun talking about the importance of the 3rd C for Success…."Community".  Amylia has a big heart and loves to touch the hearts of strangers by offering compliments.  She shares how she loves to make new friends and particularly finds it easy when you simply offer a SMILE. Wise words shared by our next generation “Make sure you have a community and if not find one or make one.”

Amylia Prevost is my youngest daughter of 3 at age 18. She has been an Air Cadet making a difference in her community for several years now. She was dedicated to working at Tim Hortons throughout Covid because she loves being with and helping other people. Today she holds a position at Boston Pizza as a delivery driver and looks forward to moving into a waitress position in the near future. She has very strong work ethics and as a result she has developed great people skills. It is only natural that she is in studies for Community and Justice Services at Algonquin college to continue on the path of making a difference in the community. 

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